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Bonjour Marja,

Nous nous sommes rencontrées à Hanoï chez Thuy en ce début du mois de Juillet, nous étions de passage pour une nuit.
Comment allez vous? Vous deviez aller à Ho Chi Minh City, avez vous retrouvé votre soeur?

Bon courage


By Sophie | 20-07-2011 14:06

Maria, FORZA E CORRAGGIO da Elena, Gloria, Francesco e Michael

By I Amici del Lunedi | 18-01-2011 19:44

In search of my identity from the dust of life that I left over there in Vietnam, these are my emotions and my memories that don't know the time, only moments of my childhood, that fate has rocked like old days of distant chimes, including embroidery season and patches of life along this path. I chased a dream season long 144... but that is slowly revealing

Nothing would have been without the help of God and yours

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